1. I was marginalized as a child because I had a bad home life. My parents beat each other and beat me. I had terrible self esteem. In my teenage years my father beat me, belittled me, taunted me, and made me feel worthless. It was so bad. I remember being screamed at and hit in the face. It was then that I began biting myself. It was a reaction. Like it was triggered. The torment, the yelling, mocking, and hitting would be so bad and I would be so angry and hate myself so much that I would bite down as hard as I could on my arm. I always had to wear hoodie to cover my arms. I was always regretful afterwards, and I’ve never told anyone ever. Looking back its hard to understand how it came to that. Kids at school teased me because I didn’t do well in my classes, and my father teased me for just about anything .

    I had an awful time. I am an adult now. All I ask is that people consider that not everyone is having an alright time at home. It would have been nice to escape to school, but instead I was treated poorly there as well. 


  2. Never bullied until I was 40 years old!!

    I grew up in vancouver and had lot of friends and girlfriend as I grew up I went to school with out any problems ,as I say I had lots of friends everyone got along great, after high school I did 4 years of trade school and spent 19 years in construction so if I may say so I was no wimp and could handle my own. So I got myself a great job with the goverment and thought this is were I will retire so 3 years into my job I come across a supervisor whom has been with the company for 24 years and he wanted nothing to do with anything new or up and coming,so as everyone of my ideas got shut down and the Bulling started and got worse every day, keep in mind I’m 42 years old and this is the 1st time I got bullied ,and I thought OMG this is happening to me ,as the bulling got worse and the less I want to got to my dream job so for a full year I went to work dreading it more and more but I couldn’t do anything because this guy was a lifer and also a fill in supervisor it wast till one day after a week of the !’ss grinding me and maken a fool of me in front of my coworkers,I got the gut to go up to my ER office and speak to someone because if I didn’t I was going punch this joker in the face and end up loosen my job ( witch I think he wanted ) after that things started to get better and that fill in supervisor was no longer to fill. And if he said or did anything to me or anyone else he was the one who had to worry about his job not me „„„,So I guess what I’m trying to say without going into detail bulling doesn’t always have to deal with kids or teenagers it’s happening in the work place everyday to men and woman but people just have to have the guts to stand up for yourself and deal with things head on.


  3. An event that shaped me.

    In grade 7 at the young age of 12, the scariest thing happened to me. I was bullied to no end and it was not only verbal but also cyber. My bully was a girl and a couple of her friends who I thought were my friends but turned out that they only got close to me to figure out my weaknesses. She told me that I was worthless and that no one cared or loved me. I believed every word. I ended up moving schools and got away from it so it typically only lasted about a year and a half but that year and a half was my scariest time of my life. I am in University now and am still struggling, I have tried to kill myself multiple times, I am on a high dosage of anti-depressants, sleeping pills, I see a doctor and counsellor once a week, a psychiatrist once a month, i struggle with anxiety and have frequent panic attacks because I am still scared that she is going to come back. I still think of myself as worthless and not important and I hate every piece of me. I’ve started anti-bullying programs and have worked closely with organizations to assure that no one else experiences what I have experienced and am studying psychology so I can help those who are silenced due to their bullies. I wish I had someone to talk to or someone to stand by me when I was going through my dark days so I want to give others what I didn’t have when it was happening to me.


  4. Fat Girl with Boobs

    I was bullying for being fat, having breasts before everyone else and not so much of a pretty girl as I am now :)

    The older boy who bullied me would hurt me and make me scared, including punching me in the face and holding my arms behind my back, against my will. He would call me names and chase me, pushing me to the ground. No one helped me and he threatened to hurt me if I told on him. I used to deliver newspapers to his house and multiple times used to think of telling his parents, but they seemed as evil as him.

    I since moved away from that town and never heard of him again; - I even looked him up on Facebook. G—- C———— was his name. I still have scars of his bullying in my mind, but no physical scars. I think now his behaviour was a reflection of his abusive home life and the only pain he knew; - he knew no other way.

    I have since forgiven him and hoped that by now if he had a chance to see me, he’d apologize. And if he did not, I would forgive. Children learn by what they are taught.

    The bullying I endured made me a truly compassionate person and always the one who stood up for the underdog through my life, still to this day. 


  5. The years I was bullied changed my life

    I was bullied on a daily basis from grades 4 to 9 until we moved (at my new high school I was pretty much ignored which was a nice change). Those years changed my life. I’m 29 years old and I still really struggle with anxiety and low self esteem. Those bullies still control me and it’s been over 10 years. And they probably don’t remember me. I’ve recently started therapy to finally try and move on.


  6. Standing Up to the Bullies of My Past Brought Out More Bullies in My Present

    I am Shelly.  I am 31 years old.  I have been dealing with bullies my entire life.  The biggest bullies in my life were my parents, mainly my father.

    Now I am a writer and motivational speaker standing up to the abuse of my family.  I have been writing my memoir for several years now. 

    I nearly died in a car accident that lead my parents to tricking my boyfriend and I into putting our stuff into a storage unit in an attempt to blackmail me for money. 

    That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  I finally put my foot down to the abuse I had known my entire life (both violent and emotional abuse). 

    I had to go through a lawsuit suing my parents for all of our stuff. 

    You would think after all I have gone through the other people in my life would be happy to be supportive, and instead other bullies have crawled out of the woodwork and tried taking advantage. 

    One such friend sent me a letter tonight.  Her birthday was yesterday and due to only having one car, which my boyfriend is using to go to work out of town, I was unable to mail her card and present.  Not being a Facebook obsessed person, I didn’t get on yesterday.  So I got on tonight because I was going to send her a message and explain her present was on its way.  Instead I found she deleted me, as well as all of our mutual friends deleted me.  Then thirty minutes later she messaged me this:  Dear Shelly, I have never in my life met anyone like you before. You are selfish to the core! Yesterday was my birthday and you couldn’t even message me to say happy birthday, I don’t care about presents or cards, showing someone that you care by wishing them a happy birthday is all that matters, and you couldn’t be bothered! All you care about is yourself, you preach to people about forgiveness and yet when I forgave you after all the shit you put me through you throw it back in my face, and it was nothing to do with you forgiving me because hunni if you opened your stupid self centred eyes you will see that you are the one that needed to be forgiven and all you did was take advantage of good people. All you wanted was a present wasn’t It? Because since giving you those earrings I have not heard from you. So transparent you have become. You don’t deserve people like me in your life, one day you will wake up and realise that you don’t actually have any friends because you’ve pushed them all away! Ignore this message like you do all the others, because you are too much of a coward to admit who you really are and actually say sorry (sorry is a word you will never understand) Love Cat P.s I wonder if you will use this as another sob story to get by in the world? You can add it to the rest you use to get free things and play on people’s emotions!!

    I replied with a short message:

    Right. I actually got on your page today to say happy birthday and I was no longer your friend. And I did have a present for you. But Joel is out of town working and I could not mail it yet. And messages, I am guessing you are referring to emails, which I do not check regularly. You are the one that has become oh so very transparent.

    Her message hit me at a very difficult time.  I battle every day to be stronger than my emotions.  It is very hard to relive the past day in and day out for two years.  But I have vowed to tell my story both for my sake and for inspiring other people. 

    This friend knows I am racing against time to complete my memoir.  She knows in August I discovered my father added cancer to the list of other diseases he has.  I worry every day I will not get my memoir complete in time to at least be able to show my father that I was courageous enough to tell my story and that I am making a difference in other people’s lives.  Most importantly I do not want my father to die believing I am the “ungrateful daughter” he calls me.  I love my family very much, and I have learned to forgive the past.

    Yes the memoir is for me, but it is also for them.  I would like them to know change can happen and it begins in our acceptance of who we are, and in the telling of our story.

    How dare my supposed friend send me hate mail for missing her birthday by one day. 

    Though it feels literally like a stab to the heart to read her words, I am thankful  for the gift she gave me this year.  She taught me a valuable lesson in who my friends are not.

    I share this because we are all facing bullies.  But it is especially hard when you are a person standing up to the BIG BULLIES in your life and more line up to knock you down.

    Don’t back down.  Don’t back down for a second.  Stand with your head tall, and know they are attempting to knock you down because they see something powerful in you that they want to annihilate. 

    My voice is no longer easily silenced.


  7. Cyber Bullying

    There has been a video being shared on Facebook about an experiment that a teacher or professor does with her class every year. She separates the students by brown eyes and not brown eyes. Those who don’t have brown eyes are treated how the professor thinks colored people are treated. She singles out a few students and keeps going after them long after her point is made. This professor was trying to make the point that racism is still out there and we need to stop it. That color people cant just run away because it follows them everywhere and white people don’t understand. Well I find this professor to be completely arrogant. It doesn’t matter if you are white, black, Latino, or Asian, there is racism and bullying happening from every race to every other race. This professor is assuming that color people have more hatred toward them than anyone else. Well I protest this. I am not colored. I am white, blonde and have blue eyes. My senior year of high school I had more hatred toward me than any person should have to deal with. I spent 6 months being bullied, more than bullied, I was harassed and I couldn’t tell you the name of my harasser. I didn’t have the option of running away. I would receive texts from multiple anonymous emails set up to send hateful messages to me. No matter where I was I would receive these nasty messages. I tried going to the phone company to block these emails but once I would block one, a new one would be created the next day. School, home, work and friends house I couldn’t get away. This went on for months on end and I some how my harasser still runs free with no consequences for his or her actions. We went to the police, the prosecutor, the school system and no one could do anything to help me because the person who had so much hatred towards me was using made up accounts. This pain and trouble I went through had nothing to do with my race but if it were happening to a person of color it would be assumed that it would be because they weren’t white. We all need to stand up and realize that race isn’t a big problem in our world. I’m not saying that racism isn’t still out there but I’m trying to make people realize it has gone way past whites against blacks, every race is at fault. Most of the problems in our world are based on other person judging someone who doesn’t act like them. Some people even just bully those who they find weird or odd. This professor needs to open her eyes and take a deeper look at what’s really going on in the world and take a step back and see that the color of your skin has no say over how much pain and trouble you have in your life. Color doesn’t decide if you can walk away from your problems or not. Each problem decides that and problems don’t care what race you are. 


  8. My Story

    My story starts when i was like 10-11… my sister was never a good one.. she called me names, telling me i’m worthless and mess everything up. I would cry all the time i felt like i wasnt good enough for anyone. Then into middle school. In sixth grade my friends from elementary school turned on me and became followers. I went out with one guy (baby type not even cute though) They all called me a slut, whore, faker, faggot, loser, and so many other terrible things i dont even want to say. I cried myself to sleep everynight. I would be so desperate for a way out i prayed to god that he would kill me so i could get away from the pain. I never really knew what suicide was then… but if i did i knew i would have committed to it. I had two true friends. But I still asked to leave I also asked my dad if he could take me to georgia with him. So i could forget everything and start over. By the time of 7th grade i guess i kinda started to forget about it, ignore it. I got a boyfriend again but this one was real, call me stupid but i trusted him with everything about me and he did the same for me.. i love him. People still hated me though, but i had gotten real friends, the ones tthat hurt me before. I gained super great friends but then got told to kill myself multiple time by anonymous people on ask.fm.. The only thing i hadnt told my boyfriend by summer of 7th grade was that i was so suicidal, he knew i struggled with self harm. He has problems of his own that are bad too. But this year 8th grade year, the year suppose to be amazing. My boyfriend and i broke up in the summer to remain as bestfriends because we didnt see each other alot. I still didnt tell him that i was. Then my other guy bestfriend was there for me for everything, for my tears of feeling useless he was there. He also struggles with self harm. But one day my exbestfriend catfished me to find out everything about me. EVERYTHING. I hated myself for weeks after knowing it was her. The guy bestfriend was there for me. But weeks before that everything had alreay fallen apart. My bestest friend of all left me.. because i told him i was suicidal. he told me not to say that. I guess he was scared he hasnt talking to me for a couple months now. But when he looks at me he looks like im about to die.. lik im dying right there. and it kills me i hate myself so much now. Then also my guy bestfriend left me too because i asked him exbestfriend a question. They both ditched me. The exbestguyfriend told everyone my secet account calls me a bitch to everyone around school. anything he can think of thats rude. even though i stopped him from committing suicide once. Thats my story my whole life falling before me. im sorry


  9. Unpretty

    I am a sophomore in university, i am one of the top students and have always been at the top since grade school as I have an eidetic memory (i.e, total recall). Now some of you may think ‘oh, it’s quite cool, never forgetting anything means i can breeze through life!’ Yes, it has its perks but there are some things i’d rather forget but i cant; instead, i relive them vividly every single day.

    It started when i was in the 2nd grade and my school organised a beauty pageant in which everyone was free to participate, after all, it was just for fun. So, i asked my teacher if i could sign up and i remember her and her colleagues snickering at that. Still, i was too young to process what had just happened and went ahead and asked my sister to get me a dress and shoes cos i was going to be up on stage and was pretty excited about it all. The following day, backstage, 3 girls who’s names i will not disclose came up to me (we were in the same grade) and were like ‘Ooh, you’re too ugly! You look like a boy! You’re sooo dark skinned! Your hair’s so short!!!’ and other rude things i’d rather not write (who knew 8 year olds could be so mean?)  I remember not going up on stage that day, instead, i spent the time behind the school trying not to cry. My sister came to pick me up and when asked, I lied and said I had participated and it was fun. The years that followed saw me being cast in school productions, not as the beautiful princess i’d always wanted to play, but as the evil witch, or the ugly step sister or baby bear (which i have to admit, was the cutest role i ever played). The girls would never talk to me cos I was weird and ugly and did not have pretty clothes and the boys would always make fun of me too. I remember switching schools more than five times before i got to middle school. Middle school was different, it was the only time i genuinely remember being happy and not being conscious of what people thought about me. My best friend (who still is my best friend today) was gay and I guess I found a little bit of heaven as we could be weird together and nothing fazed us; it was like we were in a little bubble of our own, and like i said earlier, it was the happiest time of my school life.

    Middle school ended and I wrote the national exam we have in my country every year for the transition between middle and high school. I was offered a position at one of the best schools and of course, the only logical thing to do was take it. My high school days were quite dark i tell you. The first year was the worst, people only spoke to me when they wanted something from me (like me to write them an essay or a poem or to do their physics assignment for them) and I had an array of names they would call which i do not wish to immortalize on the internet. The worst bit of it all was that it was a boarding school and so, it was not like i had home to look forward to when the school hours ended. All I ever wanted to be was accepted, I even toyed around with the prospect of being popular. 11th grade came and my dream came true, the popular crew suddenly accepted me and i was over the moon; I was in the ‘in-crowd’ and it was awesome! Now i think back at it all, i was quite daft for someone with excellent grades. It never crossed my mind why all of a sudden, they had accepted me until one day i walked in on them blatantly making fun of me and proposing to start a facebook page dedicated to trashing me. I cried the whole night that night and as if things could not get any worse, it was visiting weekend that week and no one showed up for me. I went into depression for some time and i don’t think i could have gotten over it had it not been for the house mother who had been the only member of staff in my whole lifetime that had ever seemed to give a monkeys about me. I graduated top of my class and got accepted at a good uni abroad and the rest is history.

    Anyway, how has all this affected me? My whole life I have never felt pretty enough or good enough for anyone. On the outside, I may look like someone who has it all figured out and is pretty cool, but there are so many things that remain unresolved in my heart. I can never trust anyone cos I am not sure whether they are just using me and laughing behind my back. On the relationship angle, I am a young woman that has managed to push away anyone who could potentially show any interest cos i’m not convinced I’m pretty enough for them, actually, because of that, I’ve never been kissed. I can never take a photo without finding at least five flaws and because of that, I avoid taking pictures like the plague. I am smart, witty, confident and funny, but also, I don’t know if i’ll ever be anything but unpretty.

    So, thanks bullies, mean girls and teachers who stood by and watched, cos this is what i’ve become


  10. Thank you.

    Everytime you look at me and open your mouth to say something bitchy, I want to thank you. Thank you for reminding me why we are different because we are. You are superficial, you have something so bad in yourself that you want to point out something in bad in me - someone you dont even know. You are bitter and narrowminded. Nothing will ever be good enough for you. How hard must the people in your life have to work to be part of your little clique?

    I am intelligent and sensitive. And sensible. So thank you for reminding me of all my good qualities. And contrary to your sight and opinion, when I look in the mirror, I see the good qualities and when I look at my fiancee, I know how much he loves me and how highly he thinks of me. So despite you’re doing your best to point out how embarassing, unworthy and laughable I am, I am the world to someone. Someone who not because of their love for me but because of their actions towards others is ten times the person you could ever be.

    Girls and boys, thank you. I never fit in and when I see what it takes and what one has to look like to fit in, I thank you!


    Because actually no hard feelings

    When I’m the luckiest woman in the world!