1. Bullied for nothing

    School was fine until I was 11 years old, where a girl, I will refer to as N, decided she hated me and wanted to make my life hell. Her family favourited her brother more than her, simply because that was the tradition where they came from, in Africa somewhere. N turned all my friends against me; during class I would receive notes telling me how horrible and pathetic I was.
    One day I came in from break crying and the teacher asked me what was wrong, and I told her: ‘N has been horrible to me and so have that lot over there, I can’t take it.’ Do you know what she said?
    ‘Don’t lie and grow up.’
    This was eventually solved by my parents, although N got the lead part in the school productions after bullying me because her dad was friendly with the teachers.
    I was bullied the next year because I had a lump on my knee and my face, which could not be helped because they were small tumours. I had them removed before I moved schools, where my first year there was relatively bullying free.
    This year though, I’m being heckled all the time and mocked in lessons - ‘emo - go cut yourself’ ‘go home and tie a rope’ is what I get. I’m not even emo. The worst part is nobody believes it’s bullying and the whole class joins in the taunts thinking its funny… It’s really not.


  2. The “Best Friend Syndrome”

    I’ve been bullied for my first six years of school: they picked on my look, my high marks and my way of expressing myself (A.S. didn’t help at all). And the girls who were nice to me, it was because they wanted something of me (especially doing their homework, I remember refusing at their request and then being bullied again).

    But any harassment wasn’t as painful as this experience:

    The last three years I made a friend (we’ll call her “L”). Very often I’ve sent her gifts, like drawings, collages of her favourite things, etc, which she happily accepted. But her group of friends didn’t accept me, they constantly tried to convince her that I was a bad influence and an obsessive weirdo. L always assured me that she didn’t think of me like that, I think that’s why I could cope with bullying with less burden on my shoulders.
    In sixth grade, L participated in a beauty contest (seriously… a beauty contest for early teens… what the hell) ; I wished her the best. Apparently, my way of expressing feelings was too showy; this was the first time that a bully -who was another friend of her- suggested that I was a closet pervert and had ‘second intentions’ with L. Although she kept assuring me that what the bully said it’s not true, her group of friends treated me worse, this time behind my back. Once, in a ‘friendly’ fashion, another classmate asked me if I was lesbian, which I answered ‘no’. And then she told me that this group started talking shit of me again.
    To this point, I ended mistrusting everyone. When I moved from that school at 12, a former classmate told me that L was happy because I left. I assumed that she meant “L is happy because she doesn’t have to see me again”. I felt seriously betrayed and unable to see beyond my suspicions.

    For the next years, I ended falling in love obsessing with my closest friends (or anyone that shows comprehension to me), regardless of gender. But I didn’t feel guilty of my sexuality, but my feelings. Most of them now hate me. After the most recent event, I even cut myself for six months. The guilt was too much.

    I still can’t overcome completely this part of my past. I keep my current friends at the length of my arm, and any attempt of intimacy is really painful to me. To the present I’ve been struggling with self-sabotage; cutting contact with people who love me and making myself hateable to them, constantly second-guessing when someone says anything positive to me, showing my feelings inappropriately at the wrong moments, adopting myself a “despicable” label, and even feeling guilty of my own creations and destroying them “unintentionally” (i’m an art student).

    Nobody in my family knows these details. They assume that “I was strong enough to overcome the bullying” and feel proud of me for it; although I don’t give credit anymore to those six years of hell, this experience in particular still haunts me. Now I’m 21 and still feel like a child, an emotional wreck and fearful of external help. But I’m learning how to overcome the feelings of inadequacy and not repeating this pattern anymore.


  3. Class clown

    Long story short, I had very low self esteem since childhood. I was bullied by family members (cousins) and even my own twin sister. I know it’s common to bump heads with family members and sibling but it got to the point my sister would single me out because I wasn’t as well groomed as her or wasn’t good enough for her. The people we hung around made it clear I was the odd one out and it wasn’t a very good feeling. This didn’t start until the 4th grade. It proceeded from there into middle school, this was my worst experience. All I heard in middle school were put downs after put downs. I’d overhear people saying I was ugly and I’d just pretend as if I didn’t hear. I will never forget this one incident when this guy, well known as the class clown, demolished me. I was so confused because I was always quiet, never bothered anyone, stayed to myself. It was like I was being rejected all the time! Even from people I never pursued! I tried to laugh it off until we were dismissed from the class. As soon as I left tears rolled down my face uncontrollably. Basically, I went into a deep depression, I suffer from social anxiety, and it has greatly impacted my life. This has lead to the fear and refusal of school which eventually as gotten me into some trouble. My depression and anger has lead to me acting out as well. I got sent away to treatment centers and group homes because I couldn’t live at home. I served about 45 days in a group home the first go round and was released to go back home to attend high school. I end up getting sent back to the treatment centers for 3 years. I’m now back home living life as a bummy, anxious hermit. I know I have so much potential and that is what makes me so angry. I’m now making attempts to take baby steps.


  4. Gen, Ann, and the rest.

    It all started with this girl, lets call her “Gen”. Gen and I were great friends in 7th grade (in 10th now). Until I got in a fight with her other friend. I called him a name and her called me names. Well Gen messaged me on FB and called me all sorts of names. She said i smelt bad and i was fat and ugly ect.. I brushed it off and went to bed. Well the next day i got to school and it was normal. Until i got to class. I was just sitting there when she walked in. She put her stuff down and walked over to me. i stood up and she began to yell. in front of my whole class she said i was fat,ugly,stupid,worthless,and that i was a waste of space. She said and i quote “You’d be better off dead.” I felt like i couldnt breathe when i looked around the room. ALL of my friends were laughing at me. Including my very best friend, lets call her “ann”. Gen then said that stuffed my bra and everyone knew it.(I didnt) So i yelled ask Ann shes seen me in the locker room. and ann said “dont drag me into this bitch”. I started to cry and the teacher walked in so i sat down. i called home and left. When i got home i cried and cried and cried. for at least 3 hours. Then her words hit me… I was worthless and a waste of space. So i got a hand gun and loaded it. I had it to my head when my dad called. I hadnt heard from him in a week or so. i answered and talked for hours. and my mom got home. So i went to school the next day and gen talked crap all day to me. later throughout the year gen hit me and pushed me around. turned the whole school against me. i was alone. so i resorted to cutting. to this day i cant look in a mirror w/o her words repeating in my head. Me and her are good now but she left a giant mental scar. Highschool was so much better b/c i switched school distrcts so i went to school with all new people. Yes people still talk shit and i still self harm. but i am getting better and stronger. Remeber Ann i talked about? Well she texted me about 6 months ago telling me how sorry she was and that it haunts her everyday that she didnt stick up for me. she crys about it all the time and has made her feel bad about herself fr a long time. i excepted her apoligy and now we are friends. not close but friends. And that is my story.. Oh btw call me Survivor(:


  5. Still frightened

    I was bullied when I was in year three and four. I constantly was teased on the school bus because I sat in the back and always read books. Meanwhile, older kids would tease me because of what I did. I didn’t even know why, but i felt bad, and one day I told my mother, who was furious and went onto the schoolbus to scold those three kids. I thought it would be the end of it, but after giving a card to a boy I liked in year four, I was bullied by all the boys in my class and was constantly teased and ignored, and I even had boys run away from me. It was so scary, and i’m still frightened about those events. But the worst had to be in year eight, because that was when a rumor about me spread, someone telling a boy that i wanted to have sex with him. Anyways. In the end, it resulted in me having a major breakdown after i found out about the post and read about it, and found out that one of my biggest secrets was revealed. It hurt so much, and I was furious, upset, and it was this huge mix of negative emotions that led to me even being scared to go to school the following days. But I feel like i deserve it, because i used to bully this girl when I was younger, in my art class. I still am scared to this day, and I still feel uncomfortable at school, but I’m slowly getting better. I want to help people going through what I went through, so now, I’m helping people by telling them they’re awesome, because hey, even though you may not know it, one compliment could turn someone’s bad day, into a good one.


  6. Never bullied until I was 40 years old!!

    I grew up in vancouver and had lot of friends and girlfriend as I grew up I went to school with out any problems ,as I say I had lots of friends everyone got along great, after high school I did 4 years of trade school and spent 19 years in construction so if I may say so I was no wimp and could handle my own. So I got myself a great job with the goverment and thought this is were I will retire so 3 years into my job I come across a supervisor whom has been with the company for 24 years and he wanted nothing to do with anything new or up and coming,so as everyone of my ideas got shut down and the Bulling started and got worse every day, keep in mind I’m 42 years old and this is the 1st time I got bullied ,and I thought OMG this is happening to me ,as the bulling got worse and the less I want to got to my dream job so for a full year I went to work dreading it more and more but I couldn’t do anything because this guy was a lifer and also a fill in supervisor it wast till one day after a week of the !’ss grinding me and maken a fool of me in front of my coworkers,I got the gut to go up to my ER office and speak to someone because if I didn’t I was going punch this joker in the face and end up loosen my job ( witch I think he wanted ) after that things started to get better and that fill in supervisor was no longer to fill. And if he said or did anything to me or anyone else he was the one who had to worry about his job not me „„„,So I guess what I’m trying to say without going into detail bulling doesn’t always have to deal with kids or teenagers it’s happening in the work place everyday to men and woman but people just have to have the guts to stand up for yourself and deal with things head on.


  7. Not everyone is OK at home

    I was marginalized as a child because I had a bad home life. My parents beat each other and beat me. I had terrible self esteem. In my teenage years my father beat me, belittled me, taunted me, and made me feel worthless. It was so bad. I remember being screamed at and hit in the face. It was then that I began biting myself. It was a reaction. Like it was triggered. The torment, the yelling, mocking, and hitting would be so bad and I would be so angry and hate myself so much that I would bite down as hard as I could on my arm. I always had to wear hoodie to cover my arms. I was always regretful afterwards, and I’ve never told anyone ever. Looking back its hard to understand how it came to that. Kids at school teased me because I didn’t do well in my classes, and my father teased me for just about anything .

    I had an awful time. I am an adult now. All I ask is that people consider that not everyone is having an alright time at home. It would have been nice to escape to school, but instead I was treated poorly there as well. 


  8. An event that shaped me.

    In grade 7 at the young age of 12, the scariest thing happened to me. I was bullied to no end and it was not only verbal but also cyber. My bully was a girl and a couple of her friends who I thought were my friends but turned out that they only got close to me to figure out my weaknesses. She told me that I was worthless and that no one cared or loved me. I believed every word. I ended up moving schools and got away from it so it typically only lasted about a year and a half but that year and a half was my scariest time of my life. I am in University now and am still struggling, I have tried to kill myself multiple times, I am on a high dosage of anti-depressants, sleeping pills, I see a doctor and counsellor once a week, a psychiatrist once a month, i struggle with anxiety and have frequent panic attacks because I am still scared that she is going to come back. I still think of myself as worthless and not important and I hate every piece of me. I’ve started anti-bullying programs and have worked closely with organizations to assure that no one else experiences what I have experienced and am studying psychology so I can help those who are silenced due to their bullies. I wish I had someone to talk to or someone to stand by me when I was going through my dark days so I want to give others what I didn’t have when it was happening to me.


  9. Fat Girl with Boobs

    I was bullying for being fat, having breasts before everyone else and not so much of a pretty girl as I am now :)

    The older boy who bullied me would hurt me and make me scared, including punching me in the face and holding my arms behind my back, against my will. He would call me names and chase me, pushing me to the ground. No one helped me and he threatened to hurt me if I told on him. I used to deliver newspapers to his house and multiple times used to think of telling his parents, but they seemed as evil as him.

    I since moved away from that town and never heard of him again; - I even looked him up on Facebook. G—- C———— was his name. I still have scars of his bullying in my mind, but no physical scars. I think now his behaviour was a reflection of his abusive home life and the only pain he knew; - he knew no other way.

    I have since forgiven him and hoped that by now if he had a chance to see me, he’d apologize. And if he did not, I would forgive. Children learn by what they are taught.

    The bullying I endured made me a truly compassionate person and always the one who stood up for the underdog through my life, still to this day. 


  10. The years I was bullied changed my life

    I was bullied on a daily basis from grades 4 to 9 until we moved (at my new high school I was pretty much ignored which was a nice change). Those years changed my life. I’m 29 years old and I still really struggle with anxiety and low self esteem. Those bullies still control me and it’s been over 10 years. And they probably don’t remember me. I’ve recently started therapy to finally try and move on.