1. They probably don’t remember me, but I remember them

    I was bullied from Grade 4 almost daily until Grade 9 when I moved schools (for a reason other then bullying). There wasn’t anything safe. I was bullied for being overweight (I was chubby but I wasn’t huge), supposedly having greasy hair, my clothes etc. I got glasses in elementary school but never wore them to school. I was terrified of being bullied for that, too.

    I don’t think these bullies realize the emotional impact it has on a person. I had zero self-esteem and was constantly asking myself what was so wrong with me, I still don’t get it and I graduated from high school 10 years ago. I was never suicidal, but I did get very depressed and I missed a lot of school, yet no teacher ever thought to ask me what was wrong. I never once had a teacher help me and I complained to several of them.

    I still have issues from the bullying. I get very anxious meeting anyone new (wondering what they think of me), I’m terrified of playing any group games/sports (many horrible memories from gym classes) and it took me a long time to gain some of my self-esteem back. Funny enough, I remember the girls (and guys) who used to bully me but they probably don’t remember me at all.

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